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Strategy and planning

Main focus: client targeting and segmentation, customer profiling, value proposition development, competitor analysis, performance and measurement and sales enablement.  

All too often sales and marketing strategies are in the minds of a handful of senior people and supporting plans are reactive and determined by pressures from the business. This often leads to confused, frustrated and inefficient sales and marketing teams.

I work with my clients to identify areas of improvement in their current strategy and create pragmatic and simple plans to support implementation and team engagement in the delivery of strategic objectives. This improves performance, supports the success of strategic initiatives and efficiently delivers better outcomes for the business.

Sales processes and tools

Main focus: pipeline management, account planning, key account management, pursuit and bid management.

Sales teams are often overburdened with a number of sales processes and tools that are not integrated or aligned to the execution of the strategy. I work with my clients to assess their current sales processes and tools and guide them in re-defining their approach to improve sales productivity.

Client programs

Main focus: Customer excellence, customer journey mapping, customer loyalty programs and customer reviews.

For some reason many businesses take for granted and even neglect their current clients, despite the fact that this group of customers could be their best source of repeat and referral business. Retaining your current clients by keeping them happy could become your main source of revenue if executed well.

I support my clients in designing and implementing client programs that improve client experience and the likelihood of retention. These programs include client feedback initiatives, key account programs and loyalty schemes across a range of marketing channels.

Coaching and workshop design

Main focus: 1-1 and sales team coaching, internal and client workshop design and facilitation.

Effective coaching challenges and supports individuals and teams in achieving higher levels of performance, whilst allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.

I provide one-on-one coaching to a number of CMO’s and sales and marketing leaders. I also specialise in coaching pursuit, pitch and account management teams in winning and retaining business.

I support my clients in planning, designing and facilitating internal workshops, which are aimed at generating and sharing ideas to drive the strategic objectives of the business. I also provide external consultant support for client workshops to create the most engaging experience for attendees.

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