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Professional experience

Prior to venturing out as a consultant and coach, I have had nearly twenty years’ experience in leading international sales and marketing teams and designing and embedding global account programs. Some of the major brands that I have worked for include Deloitte, Gartner, United Business Media and Reed Elsevier.

I have been globally awarded for exceeding client growth and retention targets and recognised for my success in leading strategic initiatives and client programs to drive business change. I am renowned for building, motivating and coaching teams to achieve results and high standards. My clients also describe me as being energetic, engaging, proactive, caring and fearless.

Given my background in management and blue-chip sales and marketing, I have the knowledge to work effectively with my clients and to guide them in implementing the changes necessary for both personal and business growth.

My approach

I am trusted to deliver. I am highly attuned to the culture and values of my clients and my work is focused on delivering clarity of objectives, results driven design and the engagement of teams to collectively deliver the best solution. Many of my clients view me as an extended member of their team, who is also able to provide the know-how, confidence and motivation for teams to achieve outcomes in the simplest and quickest way possible.

I never let a learning go unshared. I am naturally curious and look for better ways of doing things.  I believe in learning from every experience and sharing best practice and new ideas or concepts to improve the way in which my clients work and navigate challenges.

Compassion is my distinguishing feature. My clients are under immense pressure and the nature of the work that they do is demanding. I give my clients the benefit of compassion and care and provide them with the head space to focus on the things that matter most to them.

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