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Hello! I’m Charlotte Watkins, an independent sales and client experience consultant and coach.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, a company that puts anything before its clients isn’t likely to survive for long.  We all know that it’s your employees and particularly your sales team, who will make the biggest difference in delivering on this promise.

How could I help your business exceed heights?

I work with senior executives and sales and marketing leaders to drive positive change and exceed expectations in delivering programs that inspire sales teams and customer confidence.

Driving change within an organisation can be extremely challenging and people close to a business can find it hard to step back and see through obstacles.  I provide a fresh and objective perspective and seek to highlight barriers, opportunities and solutions that will help in navigating these challenges and accelerate desired outcomes. I am also ‘hands-on’ and will work with teams to implement change programs, which is reflected in my approach and the way in which I like to partner with my clients.

I have a number of specialist skills and focus my support in four key areas – strategy and planning, sales process and tools, client programs, coaching and workshop design.

How does it work?

All of my clients have unique needs and every program is customised to my client’s goals, challenges, timing requirements, overall budget and internal resources. As such, I don’t bundle predetermined services into a package for a set amount and hope for the best!

First and foremost, you must be clear on your desired outcomes and brief to ensure success from the outset. I work with my clients to shape their brief and once agreed, we will devise a suitable program together.

Program durations typically last for six to twelve months and involve me working onsite and remotely. From a 1-1 coaching perspective, I tend to work with my clients on an ongoing basis for longer periods and therefore only coach a small number of individuals at any given time.


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